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Guardian Retainers
Specialty Appliances uses advanced digital technology to create and deliver single or multiple sets of invisible retainers prior to your patients' debonding appointment. With the Guardian program, you'll receive multiple invisible retainers and 3D printed models.

The Guardian™ Program

Guardian Overview

The Specialty Invisible Retainer System gives you the ability to deliver invisible retainers the same day as the braces debonding appointment. This eliminates the separate retainer delivery appointment and reduces the risk of tooth movement while waiting for retainers.

Affordable Smile Insurace

Our Guardian program offers either 2, 3, or 4 sets of upper and/or lower retainers for a significantly reduced price. The Guardian program is incredibly cost effective as the bracket removal and model printing fees are waived which bring the cost of the additional retainers down to just a few dollars.

Includes Printed Models

Included in the program, we provide you with a 3D-printed model for each arch so you are able to create additional retainers in your practice if the patient loses or breaks one. This is an extremely cost-effective way to maintain your patients' smiles.

Bracket Removal/Reset

Guardian Bracket Removal

The real benefit of the Guardian program is saving time. This is made possible by the advantages of highly technical software that allows accurate bracket removal from the digital models. We are even able to remove bands and other attachments from the models.

Model Detailing

Once the brackets and bands are removed, we detail the model to ensure the fit; this involves blocking out any significant undercuts that might cause issues when inserting or removing the retainers.

Resetting Teeth with Guardian

On cases where there are minor anterior discrepancies remaining at the time of bracket removal, we can reset the teeth to correct these situations. The Guardian Invisible Retainer material is slightly thicker than that used for Aligners, so the tooth movements must be kept to a minimum.

Guardian™ Accessories

Guardian with Fixed Retainers

Anterior teeth can become crowded and relapse when removable retainers are worn. The primary benefit of using a fixed lingual retainer from Specialty Appliances is being able to tell your patient that they will experience little, if any, anterior relapse. [ View More Info ]

Adding Pontics

We routinely incorporate pontic paint into the Guardian retainers. Appropriately-sized teeth are digitally created and printed. Next, pontic paint, in the shade of your choice, is used to create the esthetic smile that your patients desire.

Guardian Guard

From the same printed model made from your scan with the brackets removed, Specialty can fabricate a mouthguard for your retainer-patients involved in sports. The mouthguard is formed over any Fixed Lingual Retainer to insure an accurate fit without interferences. [ View More Info ]

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