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Fixed Retainers
Despite the best intentions of even the most diligent patients, anterior teeth can become crowded and relapse when only removable retainers are worn. The primary benefit of using a fixed lingual retainer is being able to tell your patient that they will experience little if any anterior relapse.

Fixed Composite Retainer Designs

Upper Lateral to Lateral

The most popular Upper Fixed Lingual Retainer uses a .016 x .022 stainless steel wire contoured to the centrals and the laterals. Including the upper cuspids is optional depending on the available clearance with the lower teeth.

All Anteriors Bonded

For patients who require each tooth to be bonded, we offer an appliance with a pad bonded to each tooth using either a round or rectangular wire. The composite pads are made with light-cure material to be compatible with all bonding systems.

Lower Cuspids Bonded

This is our most prescribed style of Fixed Lingual Retainers many clinicians prefer to bond just the cuspids in their lower retainer designs. This wire and pad combination along with the length of the wire, helps maintain optimal hygiene.

Additional Fixed Retainer Info

Mesh Pad Retainer

The Mesh Pad Retainer features a laser welded low profile flat wire which reduces the bulk of the appliance. The wire is contoured interproximally to follow the anatomy. There is room for the patient to floss between the pads.

Scalloped Wire

An alternative wire design for Upper Fixed Retainers is our "Scalloped Anterior Wire." The wire is carefully bent with loops below the interproximals to leave room for easier patient cleaning. The wire is placed 1 mm away from the lingual tissue.

FLR Indirect Bonding Trays

First, a flexible inner tray made from pressure-formed vinyl material covers the brackets. Next, a hard acrylic material is processed directly over the inner tray to act as a carrying and seating tray that exerts positive pressure to help set the appliance.

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